Educated Newborn
Care Specialists

is our love letter to parents and babies…

We have been placing our team of exceptional Newborn Care Specialists for seven years through our award-winning sister agency, Educated Nannies. While our reach has grown, we are still:

Founded by a mom.
Inspired by little ones.
Dedicated to families.

Thank you for trusting us on your parenting journey! 


We know firsthand what it’s like to be in the trenches of the newborn phase — on one hand, you’re enamored by this new life and bundle of love, but on the other hand, your world has been rocked, your mind goes in a hundred directions at once, you have a million questions, and you are exhausted. We get it! The solution is having a trained professional for additional support. This incredible gift gives you top newborn care and peace of mind so you can rest. 

Newborn Care Specialists allow you the time, space, and focus to soak up every precious moment with your newborn. It is our true honor and joy to be a part of that journey, and we take the privilege very seriously.

We are a small team of mothers that takes a high-touch, personalized approach as we match you with the best NCS’s in the country that will help your family thrive. We go above and beyond to find the most skilled, educated, and value-aligned Newborn Care Specialists and Postpartum Doulas nationwide.

Our Values: C.A.R.E.

We hold ourselves to the same standards as our team of expert caregivers.




We provide warm and empathetic care for newborns and their families.

newborn baby and her big brother


We are proactively and closely in tune with you and your baby’s needs. 



We treat every family and household with courtesy, dignity, and respect.

two dads hug their newborn


We value a lifelong learner attitude, ongoing newborn education, and educating others.

Mother carrying and feeding newborn baby with milk bottle. Newborn born or infant eating milk from nipples while mom holding milk bottle

Our Story

Why we’re committed to serving your baby AND you.
Being a parent is extremely rewarding and equally hard. I remember coming home with our new baby and a fresh 13 staples in my tummy.  I was excited to finally be holding my rainbow baby.  I spent hours staring at this tiny little miracle who had big needs when I should have been sleeping. Babies don’t come with a guidebook and each baby is their own individual with needs. Moms and dads both need education, support and to feel validated in their decisions. Providing outstanding newborn care is just the beginning. 

I was teaching a Mommy and Me class during the pandemic, where I saw firsthand how moms were struggling with postpartum anxiety and depression, not to mention the lack of sleep. They needed an extra set of hands, a listening ear, support, rest, and real-time answers to questions. And it’s not just moms! I’ve worked with same-sex couples and dads trying to navigate the tricky waters of traveling with a baby or going through the surrogacy journey. It’s a lot to manage on your own.  

I felt a calling to amplify the support and training I could offer in a classroom. Exceptional caregivers and full-time care services for many parents are a must. The village doesn’t exist. We have to create it. I built Educated Nannies 10 years ago, and then it inspired me to create Educated Newborn Care Specialists where we’ve made it our mission to find the perfect match for each and every family. Our job is to make life feel easier. There can be so much beauty in the chaos. 

For us, being a parents’ lifeline is everything. The reward comes from seeing our clients grow as parents alongside their growing babies, hearing the relief and confidence in their voices, and most importantly, seeing those precious newborn smiles. It’s like the icing on top of the cutest cake ever!


— Ryan Jordan

CEO, Founder and Mommy
Educated Newborn Care Specialists and Educated Nannies

ryan and her family

Meet our Trusted Team


Founder & CEO

Ryan has dedicated over twenty years of her life working with children and families as an educator, nanny, consultant, and Mommy and Me class teacher. Ryan earned a multiple-subject teaching credential and Master of Arts in Education from Pepperdine University. In addition to teaching, this childcare expert spent more than six years as a full-time professional nanny for high-profile families in Los Angeles, and she is a certified Positive Discipline Parent Educator. Check out The Educated Mama podcast she hosts as well!

Known for her Enneagram 2 (The Helper) personality, and Midwest work ethic, Ryan has been entrusted by thousands of families to help find outstanding childcare. She has become a valuable asset as a result. When she’s not collaborating with families or leading a team, this social butterfly loves to travel with her husband, volunteer, host game nights, and play with her two little ones! 


Placement Director

Lisa has invested over 13 years consulting with parents, educating and caring for families. She grew up in the Bay Area in Northern California and graduated college from The University of Southern California where she met her college sweetheart, who she now calls her husband! After college, this multi-talented entrepreneur went on to own and operate three child development play, music, and art franchises, working with thousands of parents and children. Though she has so much to be proud of, she’ll say her greatest joy and pride are her four wonderful children: a daughter, a son, and a set of boy/girl twins.

In her free time, Lisa loves traveling, spending time with family and friends, laughing through game nights, and relaxing at the beach. Lisa is thankful to be a part of Educated Newborn Care Specialists, helping new mommies and daddies make their “fourth trimester” as easy, special, and memorable as could be. 

newborn baby and loving father

“A baby is born with a need to be loved — and never outgrows it.”

— Frank A. Clark